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iSuppli: 32GB iPad 2 3G manufacturing cost would be over $ 330

A preliminary analysis of the manufacturing costs of the iPad 2 by iSuppli indicates that the 32GB model with 3G connection costs about US $ 336.60. According to the DigiTimes, the most expensive component would be the touchscreen, for $ 127 (much more expensive than the previous generation, $ 95), while each unit of the A5 processor would cost Ma $ 14 (75% more than the A4 today). In comparison, the Motorola XOOM would cost almost $ 360, according to estimates from the iSuppli itself.

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - Tcharam!

These figures are significantly higher than those estimated by TechInsights, but maintain the difference between Apple and Motorola tablets. When it launched last year, the original iPad (32GB, but only connected to Wi-Fi) had an estimated manufacturing cost of $ 289.50.

(via AppleInsider)