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IPad 2's screen is similar to the iPhone 4's, but there is no need for improvements

ADisplayMate analyzed the specifications of the iPad 2 screen, released last week, noting a great similarity to that of the iPhone 4, available since last year. Both have excellent color and image quality provided by IPS technology, but the new tablet's screen also shows the need for some improvements for future models.

iPad 2 and App Store

The current method of image smoothing used by Apple is not as competitive in the market with devices with higher resolution than the iPad 2, so it is not possible to notice in it the same clarity of details as in higher resolution displays already available on competing tablets and even netbooks. DisplayMate cited as a comparative example a small laptop that already shows more encouraging results with ClearType technology, used by Microsoft in Windows 7.

On the iPhone 4, Apple solved this problem with a high-resolution screen (326 pixels per inch) that, she said, surpasses the human eye's ability to resolve images; thus, vector graphics appear to have continuous curves on the screen, which makes the text perfect for reading. However, the iOS structure for displaying graphics on the display needs improvements aimed at devices that do not yet have a Retina display, such as the iPad 2.

There are also other issues such as automatic brightness control based on ambient lighting in which Apple can still show greater advantage over competitors. For now, we shouldn't see anything new in this regard, but who knows on an iPad 3

(via AppleInsider)