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Instagram adapts to COVID-19 with new way of making video calls

With the Internet being "flooded" with content about COVID-19, there are several strategies that social networks have taken to ensure that misinformation does not install itself on online platforms. This Tuesday was Instagram's turn to announce new updates to keep people "informed, safe and supported". One of them is the launch of a "way of surfing" on the social network through a video call, Co-Watching.

In order to help Internet users to keep in touch with those they like the most, the social network launched a new feature that allows the user to view Instagram posts together with followers via video calls. In addition, Instagram also launched the "Stay Home" sticker for people who are at home to share it in the stories, then they also shared it in a set of Instagram stories.

"So being able to see how your friends are embracing social distance," writes the Facebook social network.


With a clear focus on reducing disinformation sharing, Instagram decided to remove all content and accounts about COVID-19 from the recommendations, with the exception of those published by "credible health institutions". On the other hand, the social network is launching new stickers to help people share reliable information about COVID-19.

At a time when the pandemic is mainly affecting Europe, Instagram, which also seeks to ensure access to quality information, has also decided to add a warning at the top of the feed for countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Included are resources "trusted by specialized health organizations", guarantees the social network, which highlights still documents from these institutions when people have access to related hashtags.

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In the blog post of the social network, Instagram clarifies, however, that since the World Health Organization declared the new Coronavirus as an emergency in Public Health, it has taken several measures. And taking into account the huge impact of fake news and misinformation, technological companies and social networks have recently joined an initiative that wants to combat these "enemies". It includes Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.