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Inside the A5: manufactured by Samsung, much larger than the A4, more expensive than the Tegra 2

TechInsights folks got hold of an iPad 2 and went further than anyone armed with a screwdriver would ever dream of: using microscopy and a stone heart to sacrifice a tablet for the sake of science, they revealed the most of the A5.

A5 overview - TechInsight

Let's go: the new processor is a bit bigger than the previous generation (12.1 × 10.1mm versus 7.3mmx7.3mm), and $ 10 more expensive than the Tegra 2 chip (used in XOOM), costing $ 25. Incidentally, speaking of manufacturing costs, those on the 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G are estimated to be around $ 270, while those on the Motorola tablet are $ 288. It must be because of the cameras, although Apple, with its economy of scale, may well have lowered the price of the A5 for ordering it by the millions (after all, not even on iPads does it live on).

The microscopic analysis, however, is the most interesting part: due to the markings on the chip and the 45nm architecture, the chances of it being manufactured by Samsung are extremely high, which partly contradicts the rumor that Apple would have allied itself with TSMC. It is not known for sure, however, if both would not be suppliers of the chip. This would not be at all strange: for example, two origins have been traced to the DRD LPDDR2 used on the A5, Samsung and Elpidia.

(via AppleInsider)