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In a lecture at TED, Apple's AI expert says that ‚Äúcomputing should give us superintelligence‚ÄĚ [atualizado]

The specialist in artificial intelligence from Apple and one of the main names in the development of Siri, Tom Gruber, the most recently expert of a particular area to participate in a TED Talk. At the conference, Gruber focused on a very important and, we can even say, controversial point regarding the advances in machine learning and AI technologies: the intersection of human memory with digital memory.

Gruber's vision of the future is not very different, as other vehicles have already pointed out, from that episode of ?Black Mirror? (sorry spoiler) where everyone perpetually records what their eyes see in the meantime, the expert's portrait is much more optimistic. According to him, computers should be used to complement human memory and mitigate the effects of their failures.

In other words: digital memory will serve to remind us of everything that human memory is not able to deposit. All the people we already know and all the aspects we know about them, mundane and ordinary events in our lives and everything else that happens before our eyes. Scary or fascinating?

What if you had a memory as good as a computer and totally dedicated to your life? What if you could remember all the people you've met? How to pronounce their names? Your family's details? Your favorite sports? The last conversation you had with them?

In fact, Gruber's vision is already reflected beyond consistent in today's world. Our most used devices, smartphones, are already, in a way, total recall devices, just look at the amount of photos and videos and information saved daily on that small screen. And you can go even further, for example, by consulting your Google Maps location history or sharing your day in history years ago through Facebook.

The big consideration here, of course, is privacy. And Gruber, of course, adds to the chorus that all this data must be submitted first to the user's option, that is, we must choose exactly what should be recorded and what should not be everything, and everything should be on an absolutely private scale. Of course, in an ideal world, everything would be just like that; We know that, in practice, this is definitely not what happens.

The video of Gruber's talk is not yet available, but we will update the article if the TED Talks organization publishes the content on the internet. The fact: the expert's ideas are for good or evil interesting and, considering that he still spends a lot of time at Apple, they can be seen even in possible future products from Ma. What do you think?

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Update 08/21/2017 s 17:10

To anyone interested (which I hope will be a lot of people, since the speech is absolutely fascinating), the video with Gruber's lecture was made available on the official TED Talks channel. It can be watched below even with the option of automatically translated subtitles, in case you can ignore the occasional crazyness of Google Translate.

Check it out:

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