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Images of possible mockup of the new Apple Fifth Avenue suggest the reason for the cube's removal: the end of the glass staircase

If you were concerned about the prospect of Apple permanently removing its glass cube in the Apple Fifth AvenueIn renovations, to put another structure in place, everything indicates that you can breathe easy. However, if these images of a model of the store renovation, obtained by the German website Storeteller directly from Norman Foster?s offices, are true, apparently we?ll see another iconic element of that store bid farewell with its reopening.

Possible model of how Apple should get to Fifth Avenue

I say this because, by the model, the beautiful and memorable glass staircase that gives access to the basement where the store is, in fact, replaced by another structure, apparently based on pottery.

Although the death of the glass staircase may sound like a heresy to some purist fans, if you think about it, in terms of design, the replacement makes perfect sense: while the translucent model referred to Apple language from the early 2000s think of the PowerMac G4 Cube, the new staircase, more solid and visually clean, seems to be basically a sister of the beautiful ceramic Apple Watch Edition.

Possible mockup of what Apple Fifth Avenue should look like

The transition would obviously also explain the reason for removing the cube after all, no one in conscience would change a monumental piece like that ladder with a cube composed of 15 glass plates just above. Therefore, everything indicates that, once the work is finished, the cube will be back, beautiful and imposing as always.

As for the rest of the store, we can see from the model that it incorporates several of the new elements introduced in other recently opened or renovated spaces, such as the giant screen on one of the walls and benches around trees. Apparently, some glass tubes on the ceiling will also allow more natural light to enter the store, which is very welcome, especially considering that the new staircase acts as a darkening element.

Possible mockup of what Apple Fifth Avenue should look like

The images, being only of a model, may not represent exactly what we will see in the finished work. What did you think?

(via 9to5Mac)