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iFixit reveals how many magnets there are in a Smart Cover – try to guess!

Following in the footsteps of the iPad 2, now it's time for a blue polyurethane Smart Cover to have an intimate and personal encounter with the people at iFixit. WHA? Did you think that, by being nothing more than a pile of fabric, plastic and hand, a Smart Cover unworthy of a teardown? There is! It seems.

Although already to know the biggest secrets of a Smart Cover even without disassembling it: it was enough to use a special magnetic film to know where all her hands are, in all 21, answering the title's indirect question (curiosity: one of them only serves to turn off the tablet screen). The iPad 2 itself has another 10 ms, totaling 31 of them existing due to the $ 1 billion case. And also to make you scared, when a coin or key is stuck to your iPad, as they are very strong.

Oh, and if you want to see scenes of explicit violence against the little Smart Cover, the folks at iFixit did not plead and asked to see the scalpel to dissect it and eventually discover that there is an extra metal plate, to help maintain the structure as a stand. There are many strong images and, I am sorry to inform, the cover did not survive: it was not made to be opened.

(via Daring Fireball)