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How much RAM is there in the iPad 2 and what future gadgets will the new Apple A5 have?

Yesterday, with the official announcement of the iPad 2, Apple also presented the second generation of its own processor, called A5. Two striking features of this chip are the fact that it is dual-core and have graphics capabilities up to nine times that of its predecessor. But and of RAM memory, how much is there in this toy? As always, Ma prefers to comment.

Apple A5 processor

According to the AppleInsider, Kakeun Lee, a semiconductor analyst at Hana Daetoo Securities, claimed yesterday via Twitter that the A5 has 512MB of RAM. This amount is exactly double the RAM present in the past generation of the tablet and would be the same as in the iPhone 4. Furthermore, the Apple A5 would have LPDDR2 memory, faster than the present in the A4, which may indicate that Ming-Chi Kuo nailed it (less on the anti-reflective screen actually, the iPad 2 has an oleophobic screen). When iFixit gets its hands on an iPad 2 we will know for sure

Meanwhile, there are already people wondering what gadgets will receive the A5 in their next updates, as the Macworld: an iPhone 5 dual-core it should certainly bring these performance gains to Ma's smartphone, but we must not forget that Apple TV could also gain a lot from this novelty, thus becoming capable of playing videos in Full HD 1080p. It would be missing only the iTunes Store to sell content in this format.

According to Nathan Brookwood, an analyst at Insight 64, the A5 would be a step by Apple to reduce the distance that separates an iPad from a MacBook. We will be heading towards the next switch Mac OS X?