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Here's our eighth (!) Compilation of iOS 10 beta screenshots!

Apple anticipated it almost a week ago and made available yesterday to both developers and members of the Apple Beta Software Program another beta build of iOS 10 (and its other new operating systems).

So, let's go to our eighth (!) Compiled of screenshots / news of it. For those who want to see * everything * we have already published on iOS 10, including obviously the previous seven compiled, just click here.

Here's what we separated this time:

New lock sound

Apple introduced a new locking sound in beta 5, which looks like a door closing. Let's see if it lasts until the final version, it depends a lot on the acceptance level of beta testers:


As of beta 5, third-party widgets (or perhaps app widgets not yet updated to iOS 10) have a black background again, unlike the natives in the Notification Center:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luigi Cruz


The music progress ball is now tiny on the Lock Screen, quite different from the volume control:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luciano de Paula

In the Music app itself, there is a new AirPlay connection icon on the footer:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luciano de Paula

And in beta 4, the little stars that indicate the most popular tracks in the albums had also returned to the app:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luigi Cruz

The reader Thiago Oliveira also informed us that now, when we access a box with multiple albums, Apple Music shows the name of each album that makes up the collection. In addition, it is now possible to play playlists whole ones, including ready-made ones, curated by Apple inside others (as if you wanted to ?merge them?).

Control Center

Modified nomenclature for ?AirPlay mirroring?:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luciano de Paula


New suggestions for reducing battery consumption:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Pedro Cohn

Even ?Alerts? notifications are now at the top:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: @fernandocani

Home (Home)

New background wallpaper (a little strange, they look like white vases):

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Luigi Cruz

· · ·

In addition:

  • On iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, it is now possible to use 3D Touch on the delete key (backspace) to speed up the process by pressing with out.
  • Apple has made improvements to face recognition within Photos. In this beta 5, all images need to be reprocessed.
  • The Smart Battery Case was not working well in previous betas; now it is.
  • At least in beta 5, there are some user reports that, even after the iPhone is restarted, it is no longer necessary to enter the Apple ID password to buy / download apps; Touch ID can now be used first.
  • As expected, the system has progressed well in terms of bugs / stability.

Soon, more! ?