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Graava, the “accident” that turned into an app for automatic and intelligent photo / video editing

How many times have you had an idea and accidentally given up on it? Have you ever imagined the opposite situation, what if a big idea came up because of an accident? I'll tell you a quick story.

Watch this video (especially after 2?50 ?):

With these images, recorded with a GoPro, the Brazilian Bruno Gregory (the front cyclist who lives in California) managed to contact the police and arrest the driver who had fled. They caught him 20 minutes after the images were delivered.

I talked to Bruno and, according to him, he was really lucky that his friend put the camera on the bike because it is a bit of a job and the battery doesn't last long. But, as they left for a quick workout / walk, they decided to take the camera. In general, it is annoying to do the installation, have a flashing light on all the time and, in the end, still have a large video file that the user simply does not have the time or knowledge to edit. Result: everything ends up in the drawer.

Having said all that, Bruno went to California to try to get an idea across. There, he ended up having a ?snap? and decided to create a camera that was much simpler than a GoPro and others of its kind, which captured the main moments of a shoot (based on algorithms and artificial intelligence) to make the lives of the users simpler. Thus, the concept of Grava.

The idea of ??the camera was evolving. As a software and hardware engineer, Bruno brought people specialized in the subject to his team. The prototypes generated more noise than expected, but making projects with hardware possible ends up raising the cost / investment. In addition, Bruno found himself competing with companies like Sony, GoPro and others. This would make your life much more complicated in an already very competitive market. So he thought: what is the most used camera in the world? The smartphone! From this moment, taking advantage of his knowledge as a software engineer, he concentrated his energies on developing an application to solve the problem without the need to make the person purchase another product.

With the new course set and a good part of the algorithm working, Bruno and his team went after professionals / companies specialized in photos and filming in order to discover more in depth what defines a good photo, filming, editing, etc. They talked to photographers, advanced users of video editors like Final Cut Pro. In short: they tried to figure out what it would take to have a good video on hand after the user had taken several photos, captured several videos. From then on, they started to feed the new app with this information so that all this could be done in an automated way.

Graava aims to be very simple, so it has only two types of actions: "Mark" and "Unmark" ("Flag" and "Unflag"). The algorithm understands that an action scene is something interesting to show in the video, although sometimes that part of the video can be, for example, a tumble that you took and that you do not want to share with your friends (in times of instant memes, the ?Self-mockery? can be cut). ?

At this point, you may be wondering: but does Google no longer do this for me with Photos? In fact, it does, but not instantly. You need to first upload all of your files so you can expect Google to be willing to process everything. The idea of ??Graava, according to Bruno, to make the video available on the spot, leaving the user to decide the form (s) of sharing.

The Graava team even studied the transitions of images / videos based on cuts by the beat of the music that you may add to the video. So, it is possible to have different videos using the same photos / videos just change the music.

Here's how simple:

Graava app for iOS

You can capture both photos and videos in real time.

Graava app for iOS

You can also choose which of your personal files you want to use.

Graava app for iOS

Then, just choose a song. Here it is worth saying that the soundtracks are on demand, so you just download the ones you are really going to use. They include options that have no problems with copyright, but you can use others other than from the Graava archive if you wish.

Graava app for iOS

After choosing the track, you define how long to have the video.

The process of analyzing the best images and the best videos begins; then, he seeks the highlights and the montage of the video itself. With the process finished, just choose where you want to send it if you are not satisfied with the result of the video, you can edit it.

Something very interesting that Graava uses machine learning (machine learning), that is, as users edit their videos, they will learn what most people understand as a good video to share. With this, the app tends to assemble them in the correct way more quickly, requiring less and less editing by the user.

The more people using Graava, the better! ? I edited some videos of my street races and I liked the result. Download (both from the App Store and Google Play) and try it out; I believe you will like it.

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