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Geekbench results for new MacBooks Pro begin to appear; they are fast! [atualizado]

The power of today's tower will be in tomorrow's notebook and next month's smartphone. Don't you believe it? Take a look at the results of the new 17-inch MacBooks Pro that started to appear in the Geekbench Result Browser:

MacBook Pro 17 results on Geekbench

To serve as a reference, a result of around 10,000 points more or less than a Mac Pro quad-core 2009 would achieve that the true power of the Core i7, apparently! The smaller brothers desktop replacement not too bad, either: the 15-inch models scored above 8,500, while the 13-inch models were around 6,000.

Not bad, for those who like numbers. I just think it's a shame that so much power still needs to drag a SuperDrive up and down, like an anchor.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)

Update (s 13h48)

Below we have put a more organized table showing the performances of all MacBook Pro models of this and the last generation. Amazingly, the slowest selling machine currently has a higher score than the most powerful one months ago.

Primate Labs MacBooks Pro Geekbench

Yes, sir: look at your 17 ? MacBook Pro and imagine that a 13 ? one now spins around it. And, if you have a Mac Pro, know that now it is priced for a notebook. A notebook that fits in a backpack. NOTEBOOOK.

And your day, okay? No need to thank.