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Gang steals two Apple Stores in San Diego (California, USA) in about half an hour

A few days after a theft at Apple Corte Madera, another impressive case was also recorded in the US state of California: a gang managed to steal two Apple Stores 15km from each other, in San Diegoin just half an hour.

Apple UTC in San Diego

The first, the Apple UTC, was invaded around 10 am on Friday (28/4). Three hooded thieves managed to take around $ 20,000 worth of products without making a fuss.

Apple Fashion Valley in San Diego

Half an hour later, they entered this time, more aggressively in the Apple Fashion Valley and took another ~ $ 10,000 in iPhones / MacBooks whose security cables were cut with knives.

According to, the local police are still trying to identify the criminals (all about 20 years old), who managed to escape in a vehicle waiting for them in the parking lot. The case is not being treated as an armed robbery for the simple fact that no one in stores has been threatened with knives.

These are not the first times that Apple Stores are invaded for thefts, but it was more common to see this happen at dawn, when they were closed.

(via AppleInsider)