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Gadget offered for sale is a disassembled gadget by iFixit: today's victim is the iPad 2 [atualizado]

As usual (and it's already becoming a tradition), whenever a new Apple product hits the streets it is immediately dismantled by the people at iFixit. Today, of course, the victim had to be the iPad 2! (Or, if you want to sound more technical, you can also call it A1395 unfortunately the elite model, or 1337, now entered the story.)

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - overview

Unlike the first generation, on the new tablet the screen is attached to the body by a good amount of glue: to remove it, use a heat gun, a special plastic tool and be very, very careful not to end up cracking the glass. After that first obstacle has been overcome, here's what comes up:

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - removing the glass

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - removing the LCD

After disconnecting and unscrewing numerous cables and clips, the logic board of the gadget (completely redesigned) comes out easily. It is interesting to note that it carries Toshiba NAND flash memory; if the A5 is, in fact, manufactured by TSMC, this iPad will have everything to be a gadget Samsung-free.

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - removing the logic board

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - logic board details

Here, the communication board wireless (a WiFi / Bluetooth / FM combo from Broadcom) and the new gyroscope:

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - Wi-Fi card

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - giroscpio

The 3.8V and 25Wh battery, as we already know, occupies most of the internal space (it is worth noting that, despite the immense area, it is almost nothing more powerful than the battery of the previous generation, which had 24.8Wh):

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - battery

And here, one of the biggest points of discretion of the iPad 2: the 0.7 megapixel rear camera!

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - rear camera

And here, we see the front camera being removed (note the glue marks on the smooth rear: instead of a design unibody thicker, the tablet now keeps its parts in place of adhesive base). It is worth noting that the front camera, headphone and microphone input are just one piece (click on the image to see it highlighted).

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - removing front camera

Here, the speaker (click on the image to see it removed):

And finally, the gadget all disassembled:

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - Tcharam!

As a reminder of living, compare the image above with that of a first generation iPad:

Disassembly of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

What a difference a year doesn't make!

Update (s 23h20)

And we almost missed something very important: the new internal iPad 2 handsets, which make Smart Covers so smart! Two is on the left side of the tablet, to align the hinge, while one is on the right medial third, keeping the cover closed:

A tiny sensor that makes the iPad recognize when it's covered and uncovered:

Magnetic sensor for iPad 2 - iFixit