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Dropbox Paper enters a beta phase open to the public; iOS app now available

Dropbox's collaborative word processing service, the Paper, it was announced more than a year ago and, since then, the only things we heard about it said it was under development and internal testing (or exclusive for users who previously applied, and only on the web).

Dropbox Paper

Now, things have changed: the company announced on its official blog that Paper has entered the public beta phase, and apps for iOS and Android are already available in their respective stores.

Paper is a direct competitor to already consolidated services like Google Docs and others not as consolidated as Pages on iCloud. Its differentials are the reliability of the Dropbox platform as the basis for file synchronization, as well as a sophisticated design that extends to the options for personalizing documents.

To have beta access to Dropbox Paper, just register on the official website and, if you want, download the applications on the desired platforms.

Paper by Dropbox app icon

(via TechCrunch)