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Documents prove: Apple is developing a system for autonomous cars

Last week Apple was given a permit to test autonomous cars on the streets of California. In the article, we comment that we will end up knowing of any new movement in this area as Ma needs to hand over to the government some documents about the project which are open to the public. Well, that is what has already happened.

O Business Insider managed to get his hands on one of those documents that proves at least one thing: Apple is developing a system for autonomous cars entitled Apple Automated System (Apple Automated System). Such a system referenced in the document Development Platform Specific Training (Development Platform Specific Training), which aims to instruct employees on how to handle the cars used in the testing of the autonomous driving software platform.

Apple Automated System document

Based on the document, drivers are required to pass seven tests (a kind of training) before being allowed to work with Apple's automated system.

Apple Automated System document

Each driver must complete some tests covering topics such as taking control of the vehicle in very narrow ?U? returns, in the event of sudden acceleration, sudden braking, etc.

Apple Automated System

In the document, there are also references to a Logitech brand steering wheel and pedals which are connected to the autonomous system by means of wires and with support for one person at a time. If the driver steps on the brake or takes the steering wheel, the autonomous system is then deactivated.

Apparently Apple gave up on the idea of ??actually creating a car or, at least, is testing everything completely separately and adding the autonomous system to ?its hardware? only in the final part of the tests. As always, we can only wait and see.

(via 9to5Mac)