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Do you know who is deserving an update now? The Mac mini

So, are you going to buy an iPad today? Of course not! You, as a beautiful, well-informed person and reader of MacMagazine, know that tomorrow the renovation and the next generation of the Apple tablet will hit the market. Only, even without having access to an information website, it is possible to predict Ma's launches, thanks to the biological rhythm she adopts.

In this game, the guys from T-GAAP managed to ?predict? the latest update of the MacBook Air, on the other hand, they made a big mistake on the arrival date of the new MacBooks Pro and iPads (in this one, due to a reasoning error common to almost all vehicles; in that one, due to the natural variation of the periods ). They're still on the run for new iMacs, but that hasn't stopped them from coming up with a new prediction: new mini Macs coming soon.

Mac mini from the front

What would this update bring? Basically what is in the 13 ? MacBook Pro, but in a $ 700 box that depends on external monitor, mouse and keyboard. That means we?ll see Sandy Bridge, Intel Core i5 processors with integrated GPU (maybe the i7 in the model Server), and a fused Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt port.

I think this guess is very reasonable, and it would be very likely to see iMacs and Macs mini being updated at the same time (brother desktops, right?) In the near future. I emphasize that Apple cycles are not mathematical, rigid, but biological, flexible, and can be affected by the environment. This leads us to the following conclusion: if you can hold on for a few weeks to update your desktop, you can be rewarded with more powerful machines and full of thunder.