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COVID-19: More than half of the news consumed in the US through Facebook is about the pandemic

An internal Facebook report reveals that, in the United States, more than half of the news consumed on the social network is about the COVID-19 pandemic. In all, traffic generated from the platform to other news websites has increased by more than 50% due to users who want to keep themselves informed about the evolution of the disease in the country and in the world.

The document to which The New York Times had access shows that there has been an unprecedented consumption of news on Facebook over the past few weeks. The report states that more than 90% of clicks are generated by users who read more articles and leave their comments there more often than other members of the social network, who are known as Power News Consumers and Power News Discussers.

The social network led by Mark Zuckerberg is closely watching the news consumption habits of its members. The report reveals that the vast majority of US users opt for news about COVID-19 from media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The New York Times and even NBC News.

Apparently, American users have been looking for news from sources considered more reliable since the pandemic arrived in the United States. Tabloid publications, such as The Daily Mirror, or media with more conservative overtones, similar to The Daily Wire, recorded a decrease in the number of clicks. In addition, users also have a greater preference for local communication agencies.