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Collaboration between Apple and Canon may be linked to Thunderbolt technology

cone - Thunderbolt

After speculation emerged that Apple Canon would have entered into a collaboration agreement, Intel may have indicated what is one of its main elements: the Japanese company showed excitement for Thunderbolt technology. Although it did not present products that support the new type of connector, Canon should be the first to adopt it in its cameras and appears to be already studying the feasibility of implementing it.

The initiative has a strong idea of ??what its engineers intend to address with Apple in the agreement. Because it was the first to adopt the Thunderbolt standard in professional notebooks, Ma can encourage giants in the professional market to launch a series of high-performance accessories that work well with its dedicated computers in this sector.

The performance of the new technology in file transfers would be a strong differential in the processing of images and filming in high definition, which can be done in a fraction of the time that USB devices or even Firewire takes. But Thunderbolt's big leap should be seen when PC makers start announcing support for the new format.

(via AppleInsider)