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Chipworks confirms: A5 was even produced by Samsung and brings 512MB of RAM to the iPad 2

In addition to TechInsights, Chipworks also conducted a study with the A5 processor, launched by Apple on the iPad 2, using an X-ray machine. The experiment revealed total similarity between the new chip and the old A4, thus confirming that Samsung was also involved in the large-scale manufacture of this component.

A5 on X-ray

The area occupied by the CPU in the middle of the other parts of the A5 is twice as large as that occupied by the CPU of the A4, due to the use of cores with the same manufacturing process, of 45 nanometers. The other hardware controllers and audio and video decoders also appear to be intact; the only differences are in the GPU (PowerVRSGX 543MP2) and the amount of RAM, which in fact doubled to 512MB compared to the first generation iPad (corresponding to analysts' claims).

Therefore, Samsung should remain a partner of Apple this year, despite competition between the two in the market for tablets and smartphones. Last month, it was rumored that the two companies would have signed a prayed contract of almost $ 8 billion for the purchase of components such as the A5, which appears to be true now.