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Chameleon Run game is being distributed for free by the Apple Store app, enjoy!

Periodically, the application Apple Store offers a free application for users. As always, it should not be confused, of course, with the App Store; we're talking about this app here:

Apple Store app icon

Inside the Apple Store, on the first screen (?Discover?), just scroll a bit until you reach this part:

This time, the present the game Chameleon Run, from Noodlecake Studios:

The Chameleon Race is a different, fast and challenging racing game with a colorful twist. Jump, change color and run through stages created with mastery in a game you won't want to leave.

Your goal is to change colors to match the floor as you run and jump from platform to platform. Seems easy? Go for it!

Touch the blue button "Download free" and voile, you will be sent to the App Store with a promotional code (promo code) to download it for free.

In the App Store itself, Chameleon Run usually costs $ 2:

Chameleon Run app icon

The offer inside the Apple Store is valid until June 15th.

(via MacRumors)