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Being dual-core, is the A5 chip in the new iPad the equivalent of two A4 chips? Not exactly…

How many A4 is an A5 made with? According to tests carried out by iOSnoops, the answer can be 1.65. In the announcement of the second generation of its tablet, Apple highlighted in the A5 processor just the fact that it is dual-core, leaving your speed open. The popular imagination quickly filled this gap using common sense (?There are two cores running at 1GHz, as if they were two A4?), but the hole, apparently, much lower.

Apple A5 processor

The two cores of the A5 functioned at a maximum of 890MHz, varying by less than about 40MHz depending on the app probably used as a measure to optimize energy consumption and heat generation. Despite the reduced speed in each core, the gross performance gain would be up to 65% over the previous generation. These results are ratified by the AnandTech, which found the maximum speed at 894MHz or 900MHz when using GeekBench.

Anyone who felt ?diminished? by the fact that the iPad 2 has ?only? 512MB of RAM, will now feel even smaller, knowing that his processor may not reach 1GHz. If it's any consolation, the AnandTech measured the graphic performance of Ma's tablet and the results were extremely favorable.

(via Cult of Mac)