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Auction for charity lunch with Tim Cook at Apple Park is announced even before the end of the works

We are sure that the participants of the MM Tour VI are eager to get to know Ma?s ?spaceship? up close, the Apple Park. In fact, the whole world is looking to the new campus, just waiting for its official inauguration. Still in that expectation, a super-interesting auction is sure to make many other people's pockets strain.

As you?ve been doing for the past few years, Tim Cook is offering Charitybuzz an auction for a charity lunch in Apple media. Unlike other years, the auction page has now brought a good surprise for those who usually participate in the bids: in addition to having the company of Apple's CEO, the happy lunch at Apple Park.

For comparison, the winning bids from the past four years that Apple has offered a meeting with cooker were:

There is no doubt that being able to visit the incredible ?spaceship? first hand will attract many people. For now, the numbers are just over $ 79,000, with an estimated value of $ 100,000; bids may be placed until May 16.

Auction page with Tim Cook (lunch at Apple Park)

The lunch, valid for two people, will last approximately one hour, with the entire meal included. On the page, there is a note saying that the ?experiment will expire on December 15, 2017?, but I doubt anyone will leave it for the last hour; run to the ?spaceship? as soon as you can. ?

(via 9to5Mac)