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Apple's new plan for the television universe: an electronic guide for tvOS and iOS

Last week, we talked extensively about the death and life of Apple?s ambitious plans to build a streaming of TV and how Eddy Cue's snobbish tactics were a determining factor in abandoning the idea.

Yesterday, the Recode reported Ma's possible new focus on the thorny field of television: not messing with channels and programs, but just showing what they are showing in the best possible way.

tvOS at WWDC '16

According to the publication, there are plans within Cupertino to create an electronic TV guide superior to everything that exists around the world, gathering information from ?normal? TV programming, as well as options from various applications (such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and HBO NOW) and, of course, the iTunes Store itself.

The idea that has seen a series of applications until today, almost all failures would be to make the experience of watching television easier and faster, placing all programs at a click of the user's touch. Apparently, such a ?pumped? guide would be available on both Apple TV and other Apple devices, such as iGadgets; the first sign of this plan would be the unique authentication system introduced in tvOS 10, which allows access to all the user's TV services with just one login.

Despite this, there is still no clear idea of ??when it would arrive or how it would work in practice. "IGuide". Apple did not comment on the subject either, obviously, so for now we will just be wondering the possibilities.

(via MacRumors)