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AppleCare boxes no longer include maintenance tool for Macs

For many years, anyone who purchased AppleCare to extend the warranty period for their Mac also received a maintenance utility for use with their computer, TechTool Deluxe. Created by Micromat, the program was recommended by Apple for performing diagnostics and repair operations on hard drives and the memories of their computers.

As there was always a need to physically send AppleCare to users if they purchased it after purchasing the computer, Apple always placed a CD along with the protection plan documentation and shipped everything in a box similar to the image above. However, the 9 to 5 Mac states that the company will no longer send the utility as part of the physical package, something confirmed in an official message.

For those interested and still covered by Apple's warranty, you can download the utility from the company's website. Apparently, the move is aimed at reducing the need to spend physical resources on items that are easily obtainable over the Internet, something that is likely to happen once and for all with AppleCare cash in the future, as with MobileMe.