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Apple reportedly entered into a collaboration agreement with Canon to benefit professional users

According to a website that specializes in rumors about Canon, it has recently started a partnership with Apple to offer major improvements in its products aimed at professional users. Canon produces camera and auxiliary equipment for imaging and video, in addition to printers.

It is unclear what the two companies intend to collaborate on, but it is believed to be something related to future versions of Final Cut Studio and Aperture, which are expected to be released between this year and the next. The deal would make it possible for Canon to offer post-production application recommendations to its customers, while Apple could recommend special equipment and accessories to its users in the professional market.

In addition, the AppleInsider suggests that improvements are also being planned for Apple's commercial applications (such as iPhoto and iMovie) based on Canon's knowledge of offering cameras to home users. This would also include compatibility with recent iOS technologies, including AirPlay (for automatically displaying photos on Apple TVs and iGadgets) and AirPrint (for printers).