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Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.4 for all users with compatible devices

As promised, Apple released this Tuesday afternoon (24) the new update of its main systems, along with the iOS 13.4 which had been in the testing phase for weeks.

We have already commented on the news in this other article, but we will recall some things that have changed in this version.

Sharing folders in iCloud

the ability to authorize people to access a specific iCloud folder, via a link. Basically what some cloud services already do, like Google Drive and Dropbox.

New Emoji Stickers

The so-called Emoji Stickers are ready-made figures that represent emojis, using your Memoji figure. The idea is to replace known symbols with a representation of yourself.

IOS 13.4 brings 9 new representations of these.

Mail toolbar

On iOS 13 Apple ended up making lambana with the Mail application toolbar. He changed the order of the buttons, and placed the delete button in the same position as that of replying to e-mail, which made many accidentally delete messages.

In version 13.4 the company fixes this by placing the erase button in a position far from the one to respond.


IOS 13.4 introduces some small new features in CarPlay, one of which is new navigation controls coming from third-party applications.

Another novelty is the CarKey API, which allows you to use the iPhone and the Apple Watch to turn on, off and unlock the doors of a compatible car. And this ability can be shared with family or friends who use the same vehicle.

Aes for shortcuts using Shazam

Shazam is a great application to discover the music that is playing, and was acquired by Apple not long ago. It will now be possible to create shortcuts with specific actions for it.

Universal internal purchases

It is possible to make a single purchase and use in the same application on different platforms, such as macOS and tvOS. But the application must allow this.


In the iPad version there are some different things that are not included in the iPhone version. For example, some external keyboard shortcuts in the Photos application, allowing you to delete, duplicate and enter the image editing mode, without having to touch the screen.

It will also be possible to configure some keys, which is great in case of using keyboards with different patterns.

It will also be possible to open a tab in the background in Safari, by long tapping a link. And, of course, the novelty that most caught the eye last week: a new cursor for the iPad when a mouse or trackpad is connected to the device.