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Apple promotes another challenge for Apple Watch users, this time Earth Day

Challenges for users of Apple Watch it's not really a novelty. We already talked about two of them here in MacMagazine, the Thanksgiving Day and the Prosperous New Year's Day (in addition to one that just happened among employees). Now Apple is back with another one, focused on Earth's Day.

Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day Challenge

Breathe outdoors and celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to win this award. Do a walking, jogging, biking, wheelchair or swimming exercise for 30 minutes or more in the Exercise app or in a third party app that records these exercises in the Health app. You will also get special stickers for Messages.

The challenge will most likely only appear to users on April 22 or the day before (you will not necessarily be notified now).

In addition to it, Apple also uses the date to do what it always does: decorate its stores (details of the apple logo in green). This year, apparently, store employees will also wear green T-shirts, drawing even more attention to the theme (creating a common awareness of the problems of contamination, conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect our beloved planet).

Get ready for your 30 minutes of exercise. ????

(via AppAdvice, Cult of Mac)