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Apple may have made a deal with TSMC for the production of the A5 processor

In February, we already suspected that eventually Apple would launch some device this year with the A5 processor, even without it being officially known at the time. Now the rumor has started that Ma would have stepped up to Samsung and migrated the manufacturing of its chips to TSMC, as Steve Jobs' gang has just the potential to develop semiconductors in the lab, without producing them in Large scale.

Apple A5 processor

Two reasons may have been central to the change. First, Samsung may be giving more priority to its Android devices (among them, Google's Nexus S smartphone) and would not be more favorable to Apple, after almost four years of partnership in the area. Today, the Korean has in its electronics catalog the Hummingbird processor, which, although not as efficient as the current A4, is quite similar.

In addition, Apple may have obtained with TSMC the opportunity to migrate to more advanced manufacturing processes than Samsung, with the A5 being produced already at 40 nanometers (against 45 on the A4). O EETimes claims that Apple researchers are well ahead of the industry in working with new technologies and would be planning with the new partner a system on a chip 28 nanometers, which would be the most advanced product using ARM architecture.

It is estimated that the A5 is already a competitor at the height of NVIDIA's Tegra 2, although this is still not clear because of potential differences in graphics performance (both, however, can generate images in 1080p HD). Anyway, Apple wants to guarantee superior energy efficiency, because, even with a much more powerful processor, the iPad 2 continues with the battery autonomy of the previous model, only in much smaller dimensions.