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Apple may be planning to send money and virtual debit card service

Apparently, Apple is looking to further expand its mobile payments service. Information brought by Recode suggest that Ma has plans to launch its own money sending service, in addition to creating a kind of electronic debit card for payments and instant transfers all within the flag of the Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

According to the website that cites the indefectible ?sources close to the subject?, Tim Cook and his gang have been in contact with anonymous partners in search of a contract that will enable Ma to launch this service in the near future. Such a future, however, remains elusive: while one of the sources suggests that the feature could already be introduced in the second half of this year (with iOS 11, I risk it), another says that the launch date is even more distant.

Basically, the service would be a kind of alternative to Venmo or Square Cash where users of iPhones (or, more likely, the Ma ecosystem as a whole) could send money to each other instantly even, something like that had already been rumored from emerge as a feature of iMessage, but such an idea never came to the light of day.

The fact that, apparently, the idea of ??Apple would go beyond: apparently the company is simultaneously talking to Visa in order to develop a debit card, most likely digital.

What would this card do, you ask? Simple: the idea that, in a money sending service, the amount received takes some time to be cleared and actually enter the beneficiary's account. With the Apple / Visa digital debit card, the user could spend this money immediately, including through Apple Pay infrastructure, it would be possible to add this card from Ma's payment system wallet to make payments in physical stores with the money received from your contacts.

Does the idea go forward? And, most importantly, does it have potential? We are certainly talking about a field where Apple would already enter with a number of established and reliable competitors, but the weight of Ma's name could also be a determining factor in this balance. Let's wait and see

(via MacRumors)