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Apple buys Turi, artificial intelligence and machine learning company

Apple took the scorpion out of his pocket. O GeekWire reported today that Ma disbursed $ 200 million (about R $ 650 million) to buy the startup Turi (previously called Dato and GraphLab), specialized in the area of ??machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Graph about Turi

The Seattle-based company, which represents yet another Apple onslaught in the world of artificial intelligence, was primarily aimed at helping developers create apps with AI features. You don't have an exact idea of ??Tim Cook's intention with the purchase, but the fact that Apple has acquired a number of companies specializing in the area in recent times, such as Perceptio and VocalIQ.

A side benefit of the action would be to expand Apple's presence in the Seattle tech hub, as it appears that the company's employees will not move to Silicon Valley but remain in the city of origin.

It is worth noting that Apple, as usual, has not officially announced the acquisition. The statement below issued by Cupertino, however, combined with the facts that Turi is already warning customers that its products are no longer available and that several sources within the company have secured the purchase by speaking with the GeekWire, we can hit the hammer on that.

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally don't discuss our intentions or plans.

May more intelligence come by.

(via MacRumors)