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And Duo, Google's new video calling app, came out [atualizado 3x]

Announced in mid-May, in the opening keynote of Google I / O 2016, the Duo new video calling app created by the Mountain View class is now available on the American App Store and Google Play.

Google Duo app icon

Unlike Hangouts, in Duo you do not use your Google account but your phone number, just like WhatsApp and Telegram do. Google promises fast and reliable connectivity, even on slow (Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G) networks, with full end-to-end encryption.

Unfortunately, one of the coolest features of Duo for now is restricted to Android: the "Knock Knock" It is shown in the video below, which allows the person being called to see who is calling before actually answering. The app for now also only works 1-by-1, without support for group video conferences (as well as Apple's FaceTime).

Nothing very revolutionary, of course, but I like the simplicity of it. We will notify you here on the website when it is also available on the Brazilian App Store.

Update · 08/16/2016 s 10:24

Apparently it is not only the fact that it is unavailable in the national App Store: readers claim that the number activation is not working here, although it is strange, considering that the Duo has already been officially announced on the Google Brazil blog.

Update II · 08/17/2016 s 08:45

And there are already people managing to do activations around here, now.

Update III · 08/17/2016 s 19:44

The Google Duo is now also available on the Brazilian App Store. ?