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An image appears showing a white MacBook with a Thunderbolt port; meh [atualizado]

I don?t know why, but this doesn?t sound at all surprising to me: the SlashGear got an image of a white MacBook with a Thunderbolt port. Ha-ha, it could be a microscopic edition made in a photo from, given that the new interface is indissociable from the Mini DisplayPort, which (amazingly!) The MacBook already has.

White MacBook with Thunderbolt port

Okay, assuming this image is hot, what does it indicate? That Apple will expand the Thunderbolt standard to its other computers, even those that are not professional, which is not at all surprising, given that this port simply reuses an existing entry (and I have already praised the benefits of that). What's the next bombshell? That even the MacBook Air will win one of these? *yawn*

Anything else? How about imagining that a renovation for the entry notebook is approaching? Well, considering that the white MacBook costs the same as an 11-inch Air, the wonder is that it yet to be renovated. Let me guess: Thunderbolt, Core i3 processor with Sandy Bridge architecture and integrated graphics from Intel, SuperDrive

Seriously: the iPad 2, iPhone 5 and all future iPods are good to have the option of connecting to this Thunderbolt port, or else it will be weird to see it unused, just as another item on the list of features. There's nothing less Apple-like than that. Do any have pictures of a 30-pin cable at one end and Thunderbolt at the other? That would be interesting.

(via Cult of Mac)

Update (s 21h10)

I asked for an image that indicates the presence of Thunderbolt on iPad 2, behold, I see an image that indicates the presence of Thunderbolt on iPad 2, courtesy of Your Daily Apple.

iPad 2 with Thunderbolt on Amazon

Where does the image come from? From And what does it indicate? That the new generation will be compatible with the new (and magical) data interface from Intel, have a camera and 1.2GHz processor (A5?), All this available on March 17 (in Germany, n?). Nothing terribly innovative and, given that the page with this result is no longer working, it is kind of what is said by not saying it.

Be hot? We'll know tomorrow.

(via Cult of Mac)