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Almost a week ahead of schedule, Apple releases fifth beta of its new operating systems for developers [atualizado 4x]

The expectation is that it will only leave next Monday (two weeks after the last), but Apple hurried and already made available today to developers the fifth beta version of iOS 10 (build 14A5335b).

iOS 10 on an iPad and an iPhone

As we are getting very close to the final version, it is likely that we will have less and less noticeable changes from one beta to another. Now, the time to fix bugs and polish, polish, polish Even so, if you paint something new, we will show it here on the website as usual.

Probably, from today to tomorrow this new build will also be placed in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Update · 08/09/2016 s 14:01

And of course, betas 5 of all other new operating systems from Ma also cleared: macOS Sierra beta 5 (16A286a), watchOS 3 beta 5 (14S5315a) and tvOS 10 beta 5 (14T5321a), in addition to Xcode 8 beta 5 (8S193k).

Update II · 08/09/2016 s 18:16

Members of the Apple Beta Software Program now have access to iOS 10 Public Beta 4, which is equivalent to iOS 10 beta 5 released earlier today to developers.

Update III · 08/09/2016 s 18:19

Obviously, following iOS 10, Apple also released the macOS Sierra Public Beta 4 in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Update IV · 08/10/2016 s 17:28

Today the Safari 10 beta 5 (compilation 602.1.50) for those who are testing the browser on OS X El Capitan or OS X Yosemite.