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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow joins the cast of the Apple-produced series “Planet of the Apps”

Gradually, Apple's strategy with its original / exclusive series is unfolding, and we see a much bigger ambition than we were originally imagining. Today we have one more demonstration of this, courtesy of Variety, who announced that Gwyneth Paltrow that you may know as Pepper Potts from the ?Iron Man? trilogy or as the actress who stole Fernanda Montenegro's Oscar in 1999 is joining the already starry group in the series ?Planet of the Apps?.

Paltrow, in addition to being a producer, play an advisory / mentoring role for the participants in the series, which will be a reality show focused on iOS application developers. Regarding the new work, she declared:

Developing and launching a business based on your own original idea can be exciting, but intimidating. This is a great opportunity to be part of a series that allows us to use our experience to help app developers to establish themselves and create viable businesses that will impact people's lives.

Gary ?Garyvee? Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and speaker in the area of ??entrepreneurship, also entered the production, in the same role. The third advisor will be rapper, who was already on the show's cast for some time as a producer. The Black Eyed Peas member also spoke about the series:

As technology influences pop culture more than ever, we are providing a platform for the next generation of culture creators to shine. We are looking for entrepreneurs with the vision to shape the future, solve real problems and inspire changes in our daily lives.

The ?Planet of the Apps? series is a production by Apple and Propagate, led by Ben Silverman. Currently, the production is in the stage of selecting participants, if you are interested in applying, you can take a look at the website until August 26th (Friday). Who knows, n

(via MacRumors)