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Accidentally, Apple report suggests development of augmented reality device

I find it amazing how rumors and speculation arise from the most unexpected places. Listen to this: apparently, we have one more indication that Apple is developing some augmented reality device (augmented reality, or AR). Where does he come from? From a health and safety report commissioned by Ma that accidentally was distributed to its employees and ended up reaching the hands of Gizmodo.

Non-sense? , I know.

Augmented reality device

The report, entitled ?Impact Descriptions Reported in (Santa Clara Valley) from Last Month? (?Impact Descriptions Reported in (Vale de Santa Clara) in Ms Passado?), was commissioned by Apple to a health and safety company and brings more than 70 incidents that occurred on the campus of Ma throughout the months of February and March. Apparently, this document was intended for internal use only, but for some apparently accidental reason, it was distributed to a large number of employees and reached the hands of the site, which decided to scrutinize the occurrences in search of something interesting.

Most records in the document report common incidents at Apple, such as an employee of the restaurant for employees at 1 Infinite Loop who burned after trying to get a fish out of the oven or a member of the Apple Watch staff who was injured while skiing, the work, to collect data for the activity record of the watch (mental note: I want to work on the Apple Watch team). O Gizmodo asked Apple if she plans to add activities like skiing or snowboarding to the Apple Watch activities, but got no response.

The most interesting part of the report, however, comes with one of the occurrences, recorded on February 21:

After a BT4 user study, the user pointed out to the study leader that she felt discomfort in her eye and that she could see lasers flashing at various points during the study. The study leader instructed her to look for an ophthalmologist and set aside the prototype for analysis.

Another record, from March 2, points out:

Employee reported eye pain after working with new prototype, although this may be associated with use. He noticed that the security seal on the magenta outer casing was breached, so the unit could be damaged.

There are two strange occurrences, to say the least. Apple currently does not work with any product that fires lasers in the eyes of its users and certainly nothing that is magenta. Which leads us to believe that, yes, tests are being carried out on a wearable product that projects images directly into people's eyes, something like a Google Glass, perhaps?

Tim Cook has already stated, on some occasions, that he sees augmented reality technology very favorably (no pun intended, please) and has even expressed his preference about it against virtual reality (virtual reality, or VR), that other companies have bet their chips if you are out, the fundamental difference between both is that VR creates a totally virtual environment, while AR adds elements to the existing environment.

It remains to be seen, now, whether these tests of possible new products will find the light of day, and when certainly, meanwhile, we will still have to wait a long time until we see something in this regard leaving Cupertino.

(via Cult of Mac)