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10 apps to unfollow on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks today, with millions of users worldwide. If you are one of them, you have probably gone through a situation where someone who follows does not follow you back, which can be very frustrating.

If you?ve already experienced this, you can take advantage of our list of 10 best apps to unfollow on Instagram in very easy ways, on any smartphone or computer, regardless of the operating system you're using.

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1. Followers Insight for Instagram

This is one of the best apps to unfollow on Instagram, so you can stop following those who don't follow you back, ensuring that you are only following those who are interested in your content.

This application has exactly this objective, to verify who does not follow you back and, in a simple way, to stop following them. In it, it is still possible to manage your account, seeing likes and comments per post in addition to ranking the most popular media. To see more, v Play Store if using Android or App Store if iOS.

Followers Insight

2. Followers Track for Instagram

This is another excellent application to unfollow Instagram, ideal for those who want to have better control over the organic growth of their account. In the application, the user can see all kinds of essential information about his followers, such as who are the youngest, who did not follow you back and even who blocked you.

In addition, you can also see likes that have been deleted and many other types of very important data, if you want to not only keep your current followers, but increase the number while keeping them entertained. It is only available for iOS on the App Store.

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3. Followers Assistant

Some of the main features of this option of apps to unfollow on Instagram are, for example, to see which users do not follow you back, which ones follow you without you following them, see who stopped following you recently or even those who follow you but they don?t interact with you.

You can easily, with just one click, stop tracking up to 200 users via the tool called "Quick Stop Follow ? and view and respond to all comments in recent publications using the resource?View Comments?. This application is only available for Android, in the Play Store.

4. Reports +

This is one of the best app options to unfollow on Instagram, which allows you to check who doesn't follow you back, among many other features, such as identifying who blocked you, seeing new visitors on your profile and who stopped following you .

Allows the user to easily stop following anyone who doesn't follow him through the menu"Select", just click on"Unfollow". This application is available completely free of charge through its official website, both for iOS and Android.

Reports + apps to unfollow Instagram

5. Unfollow Users

If the user has no interest in knowing who does not follow him back and everything that wants to stop following several users at once, very easily, this is the right application.

It allows the user to stop following up to 10 people at once, and can also create a white list of users who want them to stay. It is only available for Android; if you want to download, follow the link.

6. InsTrack

Another one of the best app options to unfollow Instagram is InsTrack, which is available for all iOS apps and offers a huge amount of options for better account management.

In it, the user can see how many people are not following you back, in addition to having access to various information in your account and the possibility to schedule posts. However, in order to stop following people you need the paid version of the app, which guarantees many other things. Check it out through the link.

7. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis

Another option for better account control is this application, which offers various information regarding the performance of your account on the platform, such as following followers, unfollows, people who do not follow you back, ghost followers and more.

It allows you to see data from your publications, such as likes and comments, and you can also see if anyone deleted any likes or comments from any of your posts. It also shows its most read followers, who comment the most, among other information. To see more, follow the link at the App Store.

Ig Analyzer apps to unfollow on Instagram

8. Followers Pro +

We also have this free option with paid version within the apps to unfollow on Instagram, which offers a lot of information about your followers, like who doesn't follow you back and facilitate the process of not following them.

In addition, you can see who started and stopped following you, who you are not following back, looking for users and monitoring engagement. It has, in its paid version, many more control options and is only available for iOS, on the App Store.

9. They stopped following me

Another option with features like this, an application with a very self-explanatory name that has a completely Portuguese version.

It allows you to see very easily who follows who is not following you back, allowing, on the same tab, to stop following these people with a simple click. This option is only available for Android; to see more, follow the link.

10. IG: dm

Finally, we have this option among the best apps to unfollow Instagram, which is only available for computers, but has versions for all operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

In this application, you can manage your direct messages quite easily, keep chatting, disable the read mark, quote messages, see who doesn't follow you back and even save Instagram videos.

All of this is found in the free version of the application, which can be downloaded from the official website. It also has a paid version, with a 14-day trial period, which offers options such as managing multiple accounts, deleting outgoing messages, a dark theme and much more. If you want to see her, go to the website.

And, what did you think of our list of apps to unfollow on Instagram?

We hope that this way you will be able to better manage your account in order to increase your followers and increase your popularity. Leave in the comments what you think of the article and if you found any useful tools and don't forget to check the best tools for Instagram.