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WhatsApp will share user data with Facebook – but will it be possible to prevent that [atualizado]

O Whatsapp announced today, through a post on its official blog, the first change in its terms of service in more than four years, that is, the first since it was acquired by the $ 19 billion trifle by Facebook in 2014.

The new terms, which can be read here, specify and clarify some aspects of the use of the app that were not present in the last newsroom, such as voice calls, end-to-end encryption and the WhatsApp Web app. The most controversial part however, it has to do with the communion between the instant messenger and Uncle Zuckerberg's company: from now on, WhatsApp share user data with Facebook.


According to the new terms and privacy policy, Facebook will be able from now on to access the user's phone number and information such as the time of last viewing, the operating system on which the app is installed, the device's screen resolution , the country phone code and a device identification number.

WhatsApp ensures that nothing shared by the user in the messenger is text messages, images, videos or documents will be used by Facebook, and their phone numbers will not be exposed on the social network if the user has not chosen to do so.

The developers reiterate the security of end-to-end encryption introduced in recent months: messages are only hosted on WhatsApp servers until they are delivered to the recipient or for 30 days, whichever comes first; and yet they are indecipherable to any elements other than the sender and receiver.

In any case, it will be possible to choose not to share any information with Facebook. After accepting the new terms of service, users will have 30 days to deselect the option to share data, which can be done in the application settings by going to Account Settings Share account data (option does not exist in the current version, for now).

Another novelty introduced with the new terms of service is the possibility for companies to use WhatsApp as a way of communicating with their customers, in the same way that Messenger has been doing for some time. The messenger starts to accept the use of bots by companies and even allow advertising content in targeted messages.

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(via TechCrunch)

Updated by Eduardo Marques · 08/27/2016 s 11:59

As we can see in the images above, the new terms and the option of not sharing the account data with Facebook are already appearing for several users.