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VMware announces versions of Fusion already supporting macOS Sierra and draws Oculus Rift units [atualizado: licença grátis!]

Following the same ?scheme? as last year, it was enough for Parallels to launch the new version of the Desktop for VMware run and also launch yours. Today, the company announced Fusion 8.5, Fusion Pro 8.5, Workstation Player 12.5 and Workstation Pro 12.5.

VMWare Fusion Mac Win10

The idea behind this software is to have access to different operating systems in a virtualized way, without the need to use the Boot Camp tool. In these new versions of Fusion, it supports the macOS Sierra system that is still in testing but will soon reach the hands of the general public entitled to integration with Siri and the latest update of Windows 10 (?birthday?).

In this version of Windows, Cortana is "smarter", allowing interactions with devices with Android and Windows Phone systems, there are more options for apps and games in the Windows Store, a dark theme, extensions for Windows Edge and more.

Fusion 8.0 and Workstation 12 users will be able to upgrade free of charge from September 7; if you have previous versions of Fusion or Fusion Pro 8.0, you can upgrade for $ 50 and $ 120, respectively; users of previous versions of Worstation Player and Pro 12 will be able to purchase the new versions for $ 80 and $ 150, respectively.

If you have never tried it, you can buy Fusion 8.5 for $ 80, Fusion Pro 8.5 for $ 120, Workstation Player 12.5 for $ 150 and Workstation Pro 12.5 for $ 250.

Fusion user? Make a video and compete for an Oculus Rift!

Oculus Rift

that's what you read! VMware is calling on all Fusion users to give testimonials on video (of up to 2 minutes) commenting on their experience with the app and competing for an Oculus Rift! For international reasons, the video must be in English. If you want to participate, follow the instructions here and don't forget to read the terms.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 08/31/2016 s 10:35

A great tip was given by Homelaber Brazil and by reader Marcus Tulio: licenses of the previous versions (VMware Fusion Pro 8 and VMware Workstation Pro 12), with a duration of one year, are being distributed free of charge through this link. Enjoy! ?