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Video shows how apps would look on the supposed “iPhone 8” borderless screen

At this point in the championship, we were already overwhelmed with ideas about the next iPhones. Okay, we already understand that this "IPhone 8" be able to come with a 5.8 inch screen with no border and with the built-in Touch ID screen. Or not; or yes; or in

While we wait for the official announcement of the new Apple devices, we are being powered by mockups like this new video published by the YouTube channel DailyTekk, which shows how some apps would look on the borderless screen of the new smartphone.

It is almost certain that the image does not necessarily take the screen as it shows on the video, due to the speakers, sensors and everything else. Nothing, however, is impossible. O Wall Street Journal published last year reporting on Jony Ive's willingness to create a completely glass iPhone, eliminating the edges almost completely. So, yes, it may be that we will see something close to that.

In addition to several full-screen applications, the video also shows what a completely borderless iPhone would look like next to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. of two models of ?iPhones 8? (one normal and one Plus), finally


As always, it's nice to be able to think and imagine what a device like this would be like, but we will really need to wait until it is released; or until another news appears confirming something or disconfirming bah, I give up! ?

(via BGR)