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Utility enables TRIM on any Mac with SSD before Lion launches

On some models of SSD-based Macs, Apple already offers TRIM support in Snow Leopard, a technique that increases the efficiency of drives to prevent them from losing read / write speed over time, as files are constantly added and deleted by users. . The company has been working on this feature since last year and, in Lion, all of its computers will have TRIM enabled by default.

However, there is a way to enable TRIM on your current Mac with SSD if it is still off, regardless of whether it is a laptop or not. Based on the fact that MacBooks Pro released this year already have the feature turned on, a hacker created the TRIM Enabler, a utility to easily enable it on other Ma computers with solid state drives.

As the changes made by this app are very sensitive, use it at your own risk if you are really interested; otherwise, it costs nothing to wait for Lion in the second half. TRIM Enabler requires Mac OS X 10.6.7 or higher and completely free.

(tip fromGuilherme Brum)