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Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra arrived with the best specifications of the Samsung line, and we bring tips to get more out of the new smartphone

On March 11, the Samsung announced the arrival of smartphones Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra to Brazil. The models enter the high-end smartphone market, which means that they represent the ultimate in hardware specifications, speed and camera features.

As usual, the company shipped a series of novelties and possibilities for personalization in each of these smartphones, allowing very practical and useful configurations. As there are many options, not always easy to find, we have prepared a list with the best of them for you to know and try. See below:

Galaxy S20 UltraThe line is available in three versions, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most robust

Change the default browser

Once you set up your S20 for the first time, you will notice that the default browser is the Samsung Internet. The factory option of the smartphone is very good and full of interesting features, such as password saving and a special night mode. But, many people will want to exchange it for the most popular browser in the Android world, the Google Chrome.

Changing the Galaxy S20 default browserChanging the Galaxy S20 default browser

To change your default browser to Chrome, follow this path: Settings> Applications> Standard applications> Browsers. So, select the Chrome as the default browser. So, if you are already a user Google, you can sync your account and data.

Sync autofill data with your Google account

If you are a Google user, you probably use the autocomplete feature to save passwords on computers and other devices. However, the Galaxy S20 comes from the factory with automatic filling Samsung Pass, the password management service of the South Korean company.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

To make the change, do the following path: Settings> General management> Language and input> Autocomplete service. Now, just choose the option Google and your data will be synchronized.

High performance

You can choose the best performance for your device. For example, you can use the Optimized to ensure more battery, or the mode of High performance to take full advantage of the smartphone's capabilities.

To activate the High performance, or change how the device is used, just access the following path: Settings> Device support> Battery> Power mode. So just choose High performance, or another way of using the battery, and use the best of the cell phone.

High performance customizations enabledHigh performance customizations enabled

When the ?High performance? option is activated, the screen uses full resolution, does not decrease the processing power of the CPU, activates the speed of the system and does not restrict the use of data.

Activate the Dolby Atmos sound pattern

All versions of the device were released with AKG with technology Dolby Atmos. To activate the feature, go to: Settings> Sounds and vibration> Sound / effect quality. Now, just activate the Dolby Atmos and choose the sound profile between Music, Cinema, Voice, or Automatic.

Activate the Dolby Atmos sound patternActivate the Dolby Atmos sound pattern

Blue light filter at night

The brightness of smartphone screens can be detrimental to the health of users' eyes, but Samsung offers the blue filter to reduce damage. The filter decreases the brightness on the screen and changes the tone of the lighting to reduce damage to consumers' vision and sleep.

Blue light filter at nightBlue light filter at night

To activate the blue light filter, visit: Settings> Display> Blue light filter. You can configure the feature to always activate at the desired time, or select the option that activates it between sunset and sunrise.

Lock screen notifications

Once you activate the Galaxy S20 for the first time, the notification display is not configured to display details on the lock screen. The smartphone will display only the application cones. For example, only the WhatsApp icon will be displayed when receiving a message.

To view the entire content of the notification, visit: Settings> Lock Screen> Notifications. Turn on notifications, click on the preview mode and select Details. Now, whenever you receive notice from an application, all content will be displayed on the lock screen.

Lock screen notificationsLock screen notifications

Set shortcuts on the lock screen

Many people do not know, but it is possible to customize the shortcuts on the lock screen. Usually, devices are launched with camera shortcuts and calling app, but it is very simple to configure with your favorite applications.

To customize, access: Settings> Lock screen> Application shortcuts. You can define which application will be left and right button. You can switch to any application, such as YouTube or WhatsApp.

Set shortcuts on the lock screenSet shortcuts on the lock screen

Open any app with the side key

Typically, the side key is used to lock the smartphone and open the camera by pressing twice. However, you can configure the button to use any application that is downloaded and installed on your S20.

To perform the customization, access: Settings> Advanced Features> Side Key> Open Application. Now, just choose the desired app and customize it.

Open any app with the side keyOpen any app with the side key

Open Bixby anytime

O Bixby the virtual assistant developed by Samsung and it can be available at any time. Just access: Settings> Advanced Features> Side Key> Wake up Bixby.

To open the virtual assistant, instead of double-clicking the side button, click and hold for a few seconds. Okay, Bixby wakes up to help you. However, when choosing this option, your cell phone will no longer display the Shutdown, Restart and Emergency Mode options.

One hand mode

O Galaxy S20 has a mode that allows you to adapt the smartphone for use with just one hand. The feature can be great for those people who usually walk around with their hands full.

Galaxy S20 Ultra in one hand modeYou can display the screen minimized on the left or right

To make changes, go to: Settings> Advanced features> One-way mode> Gestures. Now, the content displayed on the screen will decrease enough for the consumer to use just one hand. To activate the function, just slide down near the start button on the screen.

Use Bixby to optimize your photos

You can use the virtual assistant Samsung to optimize the photos captured with the camera app. To activate, go to: Camera> Settings> Scene Optimizer.

Basically, the feature uses different rear camera modes to optimize and deliver the best photo captured in the chosen environment.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

Use grid lines to adjust the scene of your photo

If you like to photograph manually and don't want any help from Bixby to take the photos, activate the grid lines. The function creates imaginary lines in the image of the camera and helps users when organizing the content inside the photo, using the well-known ?rule of thirds? of the photo.

To activate, go to: Camera> Camera settings> Grid lines. There, the image of the camera already appears with the imaginary stripes.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

Show your palm to take selfies

Another interesting feature of the camera is the possibility to take selfies without clicking the shutter button. The consumer must open the front camera, display the palm of the hand and wait for the cell phone to recognize the action. Thus, the photo will be automatically captured after a few seconds.

User testing the camera activation mode with the palm of the handThe "Show palm" mode allows you to take a selfie using only one hand

To activate the feature, go to: Camera> Camera settings> Shooting methods> Palm view. Now, whenever you want to take selfies, you no longer need to use both hands.

Create a GIF directly from the camera app

With the camera S20, consumers can create GIFs without using third party applications. There is an option in the camera app that allows you to create animated images, just access: Camera> Camera settings> Slide the shutter button to> Create GIF.

Now, open the camera application and, instead of pressing the button to capture the photo, click the shutter button and slide your finger down. There, you created your first GIF with Galaxy S20.

Source: Droidlife.