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Tim Cook reveals he has already lost almost 14kg with the help of Apple Watch

During the interview Tim Cook with Jim Cramer on the show "Mad Money", O cooker showed that he really ?wears the company? wears the company's shirt by revealing that the Apple Watch helped you lose a few pounds in your daily routine.

"You know, the watch has been an incredible initiative for health, well-being and fitness," Cook told Cramer.

"For you too?" Asked Cramer.

?Yes, for me too! I lost almost 14kg thanks to my Watch, ?replied Cook.

The question that prompted Cook to mention mentioning Apple's clothing was in relation to the health initiatives that the company has launched. The CEO continued the conversation by talking about how some resources motivate users, using the reward system and feedbacks that are easily accessible.

Cook also said that many people claim that the watch made a difference in their lives and that this was exactly the company's intention: ?that's why we are in the market; to help people achieve their goals, to enable them to do great things. ?

In what cooker need an extra incentive as pointed out by Business Insider, he always practiced exercises, but nice to see that the CEO is really engaged with his company's products (if he has any choice hehe). ?

(via AppleInsider)