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The thing is heating up: Qualcomm wants to ban iPhones from entering the United States

Apparently, this season Feud: Apple and Qualcomm They are only in their initial episodes, but we already have the second great bravado on one side. According to the Bloomberg, the microchip maker is absolutely ?angry? at Ma?s decision to stop paying royalties to her and will retaliate with a very drastic plan: prevent the import of iPhones to the United States.


Qualcomm's petition to be delivered to the International Trade Commission (International Trade Commission, or ITC) of the US decision that, according to the publication, has to do with the fact that this organ acts more quickly in its determinations than the federal courts of the country. If the ITC takes the side of the chip maker in the fight, it could ban the import of all iPhones that, as we all know, are assembled in Asia to the American territory.

Obviously we are talking about an impossible and extremely difficult hypothesis, but still, it shouldn't be something that Apple treats lightly. Such a move, at the very least, shows how much Qualcomm is determined to get Tim Cook and his gang back to pay what it thinks it owes, not to mention that, needless to say, an (unlikely, but possible) ban on sales from iPhone in the USA would represent a huge blow to Ma's operations. After all, we are talking about the flagship of profit and the company's image today.

Let's see how it all goes

(via Cult of Mac)