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The best tablets of 2019 (Black Friday)

Check out our tablet suggestions for you to take advantage of Black Friday 2019 discounts

Tablets are great allies when it comes to studying, playing games, listening to music and watching movies. Its variety of functions and wider screen than smartphones, make the device one of the consumer dreams to be realized during Black Friday. As every year, the special offer day takes place on the last Friday of November, the 29th, becoming a tradition among Brazilian consumers.

So, if you intend to take advantage of the biggest day of offers to buy a new tablet, be sure to check out our list of the best models launched this year.

Multilaser Kid Pad Go

Tablet - Multilaser Kid Pad GoThe best option for kids to learn while having fun

If the goal is to please primary school children, the tablet Multilaser Kid Pad a very affordable option. It comes with a rubber case that protects the device from falling and parents can configure which websites children can access. Another advantage is the regulation of time of use or more appropriate time.

It is important to remember that this version is only for more basic uses, that is, if the child likes more robust games and with more realistic 3D graphics, the Kid Pad not the best choice. The device features a 7-inch screen and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It features USB 2.0 connections, a headphone jack and the operating system Android 8.1. Its storage capacity is 16GB and even comes with a 1.3MP front camera.

If you want to purchase the Multilaser Kid Pad tablet To make your child's Christmas present guaranteed, be sure to visit the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza to buy it for only R $ 305,10 a view.

Multilaser M8W Plus Hbrido

The best tablets of 2019 (Black Friday)The Multilaser hybrid comes with Windows 10

This model is ideal for those who do not like to carry the weight of a notebook to college or work. Because it is a hybrid, that is, it can be used both as a notebook and tablet, it offers more ease for those who use the tools Windows, as it is compatible with version 10 of the Microsoft.

With 32 GB of space and 2 GB of RAM, the user can carry out their work using the Office package and the keyboard that comes with the device.

Your screen touchscreen of 8.9 inches compact and comes with a red case that makes the tablet even more stylish. Altogether, the Multilaser M8W Plus weighs just over 1kg. Its functions are also more limited, but it fulfills its role for professional use, handling important documents, for example. At the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza it is available for R $ 749.01 in cash, or in 10x without interest.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32GB

Tablet - Galaxy A 32 GBGalaxy Tab A balances price and features in an intermediate device

Now we get into the most robust suggestions. For those who want high performance in all aspects, our first suggestion is Galaxy Tab A 32GB. Its structure and design are more refined, and it brings 32GB of internal storage expandable to 512GB with MicroSD. Its Android system is version 9.1, compatible with more application options. The processor another point worth mentioning, an octa-core of 1.8GHz.

With a more powerful processor, this model from Samsung ends up balancing performance with its RAM memory of only 2GB, ensuring the functionality of heavier apps. Its 10.1-inch screen already has powerful cameras – 8MP at the rear and 5MP at the front. The battery offers 6,150mAh, which guarantees up to 15 hours of use.

O Galaxy Tab A 32GB is also available at the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza per R $ 1,151.10 cash or interest-free 10x.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Tablet - Galaxy Tab S4 It is possible to connect the Galaxy Tab S4 to a TV and use it as an auxiliary screen

More focused on the professional field, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 it differs in several aspects. This was the first model to receive the Samsung DeX, which allows the image to be transferred to another screen using an HDMI adapter. The device also comes very close to an ordinary computer, allowing the opening of multiple windows without loss of performance.

It can be used as Touch Pad, in which you create drawings and animations using S Pen on the tablet screen and follow everything on the monitor with DeX. With 4GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab S4 offers a powerful eight core processor with 2.35GHz. The cameras have high resolution, with 13MP at the rear and 8MP at the front. The 10.5-inch screen and the tank guarantee up to 15 hours of continuous use.

O Galaxy Tab S4 compatible with both 3G and 4G, 64GB of internal memory and shoot in 4K. You can purchase this device at the Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza for R $ 3,149.91 at sight, or 10 interest-free installments.

Galaxy Tab S5e

With artificial intelligence, this Samsung tablet has one of the best cost = benefits for this Back FridayWith artificial intelligence, this Samsung tablet has one of the best cost = benefits for this Back Friday

This excellent tablet for those who use it for professional and leisure purposes. The Galaxy Tab S5e has a 5.5mm ultra-thin metal structure, weighing only 400g, which makes it easy to transport anywhere. In addition, its 7,040mAh battery allows up to 15 hours of use out of the outlet.

The tablet also has two cameras, one front 8MP and one rear 13MP, with automatic hollow. Its screen is a super AMOLED 10.5 ?, with a 16:10 aspect ratio and fine embroidery. With this, it occupies most of the front of the model, making it a better experience for the user, with more vivid and realistic colors, helping and improving both the reading and the viewing of videos.

The tablet also has several features of artificial intelligence, which integrate the device perfectly routine of the user, and 64GB of internal memory and sound technology Dolby Atmos and AKG, which creates the sensation that the sound is in motion.

To purchase the Galaxy Tab S5e, just access the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza. You can buy it in 10x without interest, or in the amount of R $ 2,024.00 at sight.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Galaxy Tab S6 is only 5.7mm thick and weighs 420gThe Galaxy Tab S6 is only 5.7mm thick and weighs 420g

If you prefer an even more recent and robust version of Galaxy Tab, it is likely that the Galaxy Tab S6 better match what you're looking for. In addition to the hardware improvements, this edition has a magnetic S Pen, which fits on the back of the tablet, leaving the accessory always at hand. In addition, it recharges automatically when placed next to the device. The sensitivity of the accessory has been improved, so that the user has more freedom when writing. THE S Pen also comes with Bluetooth, allowing you to control the Galaxy Tab S6 remotely.

Another novelty that S6 has two rear cameras, with 5MP and 13MP, and lens ultra wide. This lens allows the device's field of view to be larger, in addition to containing an editing program with artificial intelligence to edit photos like a professional. Check out our special story on the new tablet from Samsung:

To purchase the Galaxy Tab S6, just access the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza. You can buy it in 10x without interest, or in the amount of R $ 4,299.00 at sight.

Google Pixel Slate

Google's bet on the tablet market has its own operating system: Chrome OSGoogle's bet on the tablet market has its own operating system: Chrome OS

O Google another technology company that invests in high quality mobile devices. Proof of this the tablet Pixel Slate, with Intel Core-i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, enough to run heavier programs. The highlight in this case is the details, because the design of the 7mm thick device draws attention. The 12.3-inch molecular screen offers an impressive 6 million pixels. This resolution allows you to watch movies and series full of details in 4K.

Your operating system is not Android, but the Google called Chrome OS. In its most powerful version, it offers 16GB of RAM and an 8 generation Core i7 processor. The cameras, both rear and front, are 8MP and do not offer compatibility with cellular networks (3G and 4G).

O Pixel Slate it can also be used as a notebook and does not disappoint when it comes to performance. In, the model with 128GB of internal memory can be purchased by R $ 5,599.90.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Tablet - Surface 6 ProMicrosoft's bet to compete directly with Apple's iPad

The tablet Surface, gives Microsoft, another excellent alternative for those who want high performance. It has 128GB of SSD space, which can be expanded up to 8GB. The Intel Core-i5 processor offers 3.4GHz and 8GB of RAM. The 12-inch display with 2K resolution and comes with Windows 10 as an operating system. A great news for those who use the company's services a lot, such as Office, One Drive and others.

O Surface Pro 6 the top-of-the-line tablet from Microsoft, created to compete with iPads gives Apple. compatible with most professional programs, as Windows has the OS, and you can find it in the range of R $ 6,999.99 at

Apple iPad Mini 5 Generation

The best tablets of 2019 (Black Friday)

The new iPad Mini 5th Generation brings all the power of a traditional iPad in a more compact size. Now it equipped with chip A12 Bionic with Neural Engine, 7.9-inch Retina display with True Tone and Apple Pencil compatibility so you can write down your best ideas as they come up.

O iPad Mini brings a battery with autonomy of 10 hours of continuous use, for you to do works with drawings, augmented reality and content editing. Check out all the details of the model in our article below:

Liked the iPad Mini? He can be found at Cissa Magazine by R $ 2,526.00.

Apple iPad Pro

Tablet - Ipad ProThe most sought after device by professionals, the iPad Pro features technology and quality

The top of the line Apple one of the most sought after tablets by professionals. This is because the device is able to combine high performance and the editing programs of the Apple that are even used by film professionals. If you want the best to work with editing videos, images, drawings and animations, iPad Pro I will not disappoint you.

The largest screen on our list, at 12.9 inches, and the A12X processor was developed by itself Apple to guarantee quality in any project. It can also be used to use AR (Augmented Reality), in which digital objects appear in the real world through the device's camera. The battery offers 10 hours of autonomy for you to create 3D plans, play games, watch movies and more.

Storage is another factor that does not disappoint, as it is only 256GB to save your files and jobs. So much technology and ease ends up reflecting on the price, which can vary according to specifications such as storage and size. iPad Pro it also has an 11 inch version. The operating system the traditional iPadOS and the device is also available at the store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza for R $ 7,649.91.

Is there a tablet missing from our list of best of the year? Leave us comments and help our readers!