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Tapbots launches public beta of Pastebot for Mac, a clipboard manager

If you've been familiar with the Apple world for a few years, you should know the Pastebot, a utility for iOS that appeared in 2009 and for some time was the best option for organizing and managing the transfer area of iGadgets. Over the years, however, its developer, Tapbots creator of the successful Tweetbot has also discontinued the app.

Now, Pastebot is coming back, but in a totally different incarnation: as a Mac application. And Tapbots made its first public beta available to users.

Pastebot app for Mac

The utility, which can function as both a ?full? application and an item in the OS X macOS menu bar, is intended to save and organize all items copied by the user for later access. To open the Pastebot clipboard, the shortcut o (Command) + (Shift) + V.

In the app, you can create infinite pasteboards, kinds of folders where the most used text excerpts are grouped. In addition, the user can also create filters to make the process of reaching the desired item faster and more practical.

Tapbots says that at the moment there are no plans to extend the new app to iOS, which is prudent considering the feature Universal Clipboard (something like the Universal Transfer area) that reaches macOS Sierra and iOS 10, allowing the transfer of items copied between them in a very simple and intuitive way.

The developers even claim that Pastebot will be able to work together with the new feature and that, when the app is released on the Mac App Store, several synchronization tools will be available in the current beta, there is still no possibility because it depends on CloudKit, Apple SDK made available only for applications distributed by your store.

To test the beta version of Pastebot, just go to the official website of the application.

(via 9to5Mac)