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Sony image sensor production was affected by Japan earthquake [atualizado]

This news will not help at all with the supply and demand relationship of the iPad 2: 9 to 5 Mac attended an interview by Howard Stringer with Walt Mossberg, a technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and heard from Sony's CEO that their image sensor factories in Sendai were affected by the earthquake / tsunami that devastated Japan.

IPad 2 Cameras

What does that mean? That these sensors may be missing to equip iPads 2. Such a thing is not at all auspicious, but I'm sure that Apple has a ?plan B?, even if it is more expensive.

this, or else the lines will continue all over the world, not just here in Brazil.

Update (2/4 s 10h37)

It got much more interesting after successive updates on the original post 9 to 5 Mac. In fact, these sensors don't fit iPads 2, but iPhones 5!

Stringer said during the interview at Carnegie Hall in New York (part of the JapanNYC Festival):

Our best sensor technology built in one of these factories affected (by the tsunami). These go to Apple, to their iPhones or iPads. Not that? Don't they buy our best sensors?

Putting this whole thing together with a recent rumor that OmniVision could lose Sony's 8MP CMOS sensor supply rights, it starts to make a lot more sense.

O WSJ has already confirmed everything that has been said and said that neither Apple nor Sony agreed to comment on the issue.