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Small English company wants to revolutionize touchscreens with “third dimension”

With the arrival of GarageBand for iPad, Apple innovated with something unexpected: using the tablet's own accelerometer, it is now able to determine the strength with which users "strike" instruments and thus alter their sound output. Fantastic, great works well, but not perfect.

QTC Clear - Touchscreens and third dimensionA small English company, Peratech, this week presented QTC Clear with a new surface for capacitive touchscreens that promises to make them sensitive to touch and pressure, thus adding a ?third dimension? (and we are not talking about 3D graphics). It is based on a transparent version of the material Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC), from Peratech itself.

This technology from Peratech may well come to equip not only the future iPads, but also iPhones and iPods. Its surface positioned between the glass layers of the touchscreen itself is no more than 6-8 microns thick and uses almost no energy, so it is a strong candidate to be adopted by Apple.

The additional cost of QTC Clear is also said to be low, so it is no wonder that Peratech has already signed a contract with a large, unidentified screen manufacturer. We should hear more about this in the near future.

(via SlashGear)