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Sleep expert leaves Apple; company seeks former HBO executive to lead original content initiatives

A week ago, we learned that Apple acquired Beddit, a company behind a sleep monitoring platform. However, what has gone unnoticed is that, a month before, the sleep specialist Dr. Roy J.E.M. Raymann had already left Ma's health team.

Raymann joined Apple in 2014 and, at first, there was a suspicion that he would work on some native sleep feature for the Apple Watch; however, the rumors were never confirmed. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked on several initiatives that we know very well, such as the Night Shift, O Bedtime Alarm (Bedtime) and also in the HealthKit / ResearchKit duo.

After three years at Ma, Raymann now works at SleepScore Labs, where he is vice president in the sleep science and scientific affairs division.

Roy J.E.M. Raymann and Michael LombardoRoy J.E.M. Left Raymann; Michael Lombardo right

While some leave Apple, it is rumored that the company is approaching a very relevant name in the entertainment world, in order to call it to the white side of the outside.

As reported by the The Information, the former president of programming for HBO, Michael Lombardo, would have met with some Apple executives to talk about "the company's video programming strategies".

According to anonymous sources, the company would be looking for candidates to lead its video initiatives, and Lombardo would be the best choice. He left his position at HBO last year simply because he wanted to participate more actively in the creative process; and that is what he has done, since he is still on the channel, but as a series producer.

As Jimmy Iovine, responsible for Apple Music, likes to emphasize a lot, Apple grants employees great freedom when it comes to original content; therefore, the idea of ??having the same position as before at Apple may not be so bad. Company executives have stated that they are moving towards more and more original content on video, testing various approaches without necessarily worrying about getting it right the first time.

With the intention of "trying and seeing what works", it may be that Lombardo and all his luggage Hollywoodian come in handy on the way to the original content that Apple is treading.

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