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Seagate launches the world's thinnest external HDD, only 9mm thick

GoFlex Slim Performance DriveDoubtful promise: shortly after Freecom launched its ?thinnest HDD in the world?, a mere 10mm thick, Seagate promised 1mm less in our lives.

At the time, the price (US $ 100) and the capacity (320GB, at 7,200RPM) were already defined, but a date was missing for this beauty to arrive. What's more, the GoFlex Slim Performance Drive is already among us, compatible with USB 2.0 / 3.0 (or FireWire / eSATA, via special adapters).

In addition, GoFlex Slim comes in NTFS format with a driver that allows reading and writing on Ma computers and brings automatic backup software. Alternatively, this external HDD can also be formatted in HFS + and used with Time Machine.

(via Electronist)