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Samsung promises tablets with Retina 3D screens by 2015; made a bed and will have to lie on it

Keeping gadget production secret has a number of advantages for Apple: 1. competition is in the dark; 2. the rumors industry generates free advertising; 3. every revelation is a big surprise, and 4. even when something expected is not revealed, Ma excuses herself saying that she has promised nothing that is true.

Samsung screens roadmap

From there comes Samsung and says, in a hideous slide show, that it will produce screens for 400dpi tablets by 2015, it will increase the autonomy of these gadgets by more than 50% and, if it works for you, it will still implement 3D technology that you don't need glasses. It only failed to say that there will be no one, but two taps Magic Nutella on each tablet.

T, very beautiful, that, but I only believe it when something like this is on sale in a store.

Can you tell the difference? If September arrives and an iPad 3 with a Retina display does not appear, everyone will ask, ?But Apple, why didn't you launch a new iPad with an ultra-high resolution display??, And she will reply, ?Did I say I was??

2015 arrives, everyone asks "Samsung, where is the 3D screen with 400dpi?", And she will answer "See unexpected surprises from the technology market and component suppliers, in addition to bl-bl bl-bl-bl-bl-bl-bl Whiskas Sach, we will launch one in 2016. ?

Ironically, I will say that Apple is a #epicFAIL and that Samsung is on the way to conquer the market definitively in 2016, as she promised that she would and this time will be different.

Want to see how these promises of wrong? Do you remember Steve Ballmer holding an HP Slate? Now tell me how many Windows 7 tablets are flying off the shelves today. I don't believe in promises until Apple breaks when it invents to make them.

(via Engadget)